Searching for a Septic Arthritis Solution using a Novel Diagnostic Tool

Searching for a Septic Arthritis Solution using a Novel Diagnostic Tool

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Recorded On: 06/21/2023

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Sponsored by bioMérieux.

Joint Infections, including septic arthritis and prosthetic joint infections, can be difficult to diagnose. A delay in treatment can result in permanent morbidity or even mortality. In this webinar, Stephen Vella, PhD, will discuss the challenges of current diagnostics of joint infections and how a new FDA-cleared syndromic PCR panel can guide the diagnosis and treatment of both septic arthritis and prosthetic joint infections. Dr. Vella will review the considerations for use in current diagnostic algorithms, followed by an overview of recent clinical publications. He will share expert recommendations on using the panel to potentially positively impact patient management.

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Sepsis Alliance gratefully acknowledges the support provided by bioMérieux for this sponsored webinar.


Stephen Vella, PhD

Medical Science Liaison


Stephen Vella, PhD, is located outside of Washington DC. Dr. Vella obtained his PhD in Microbiology from the University of Georgia and his undergraduate degree, also in Microbiology, at Indiana University. Currently, Dr. Vella works as a Medical Science Liaison for bioMérieux, specializing in molecular biology. He serves as the U.S.-lead for Joint Infection and is in a supportive role for the Gastrointestinal Panel.

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