Building ROI for Your Sepsis Program: Key Considerations for People, Process, and Technology

Building ROI for Your Sepsis Program: Key Considerations for People, Process, and Technology

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Recorded On: 10/12/2022

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Hospitals and health systems are under pressure to demonstrate measurable improvements in sepsis care to reduce the profound financial impact of sepsis on patients and hospitals. Meanwhile, with small budgets for people, process, and technology to improve performance, sepsis managers are often asked to justify investments by providing performance metrics and return on investment (ROI). Calculating ROI, specifically for sepsis performance, can be complex. In this sponsored webinar, learners will explore key considerations for building the ROI for their sepsis programs and investments, and will discuss how changes in people, process, and technology can drive improved sepsis outcomes.

No CE credits are offered for this sponsored webinar. Content was determined by the sponsor.

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Sepsis Alliance gratefully acknowledges the support provided by Wolters Kluwer for this sponsored webinar.


Itay Klaz, MD, MHCI

Medical Director

Wolters Kluwer

Itay Klaz, MD, MHCI, is responsible for directing clinical efforts toward the development, implementation and support of Wolters Kluwer suite of surveillance software solutions, primarily focusing on Sepsis Monitor. Dr. Klaz is a clinical informatician, dermatologist, and a former military surgeon. He has specialized in the convergence of enterprise-level Electronic Health Records, EHR interoperability, health care data science, clinical governance, patient outreach, risk, value-based care models, and provider engagement. 

Dr. Klaz earned his doctor of medicine and bachelor of science degrees from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, his master of health care informatics from the University of San Diego and is a certified AMIA health informatics diplomat. He has served in various leadership positions as CMIO, SVP of Clinical Informatics, and Medical Director of HIT.   

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